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How do I get there?
If you are travelling from Port Aux Basque take Highway 1 East and travel until you get to the highway sign that says Gallants, turn left. Drive 9 kms you will arrive at the community of Gallants. Drive another 7 km and take the first right at the 7 km marker. Drive until you come to the first left turn drive down the lane and we are located to the left.

If you are travelling by air you will have to land at Deer Lake Regional Airport we can pick you up.

What do I bring?
See Hunting section of site for details.

Is there meat processing?
Yes, we have a butcher in Stephenville who will cut and package your meat. He has a form for you to fill out to let him know just what you want done with your meat. He also does vacuum pack, but there is an additional charge for this service. If you are travelling by air we may take your meat to Deer Lake so it will be easier to ship for you.

What arrangements do I make to bring my firearms into Canada?
You are required to fill out a Non-Resident Firearms Declarion form. To obtain this form, please email or contact 1-800-731-4000. Please fill out the declaration form in advance but do not sign it until you are at the border so your signature can be witness by someone at the border. Firearms can be provided for a nominal fee if requested.

What is the weather like?
The weather is very unpredictable. We have a saying here and it is “if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes and it will change”. So come prepared for the worse and be surprise if it does not happen.